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Meadowdale, oh Meadowdale, our hearts belong to you. Our loyalty we pledge to thee, to friends revered and true. The Lion spirit, great and bold, will proudly bear the black and gold. Thy hallowed halls will ever be a part of ev'ry memory.
  Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Meadowdale High School Class of 1970 Official Website.  This website is totally supported by our classmates, written and designed by our classmates and produced specifically for our classmates, their families and their friends.  Behind this home page, you will find much more than just childhood memories. Our friendships and relationships, our wishes and desires and our achievements and accomplishments can be found scattered throughout the pages of this website. Each morsel of information will have a different meaning to different classmates, but ultimately there will always be an MHS connection that binds each of us together.   

This is a dynamic website.
  Your updates and the updates on other classmates are sincerely requested and seriously sought.  Our hope is to find the latest information on 100% of our classmates.  We already have your “before” pictures from our 1970 Lions’ Pride yearbook. Please share some of your “after” pictures with us. Tell us some of your life’s milestones and those of your children and grandchildren.  As this website grows, so will the stories of our lives and the experiences associated with those stories.  Enjoy the memories as you enter our website.     

Chuck Slonim                                               
Class President ‘70

Click here - Watch the 45th Year Class Reunion Video

To all MHS Class of 1970 Graduates Our re-scheduled 50th reunion for August 21, 2021 has been cancelled. The committee feels it is still to risky for large group gatherings. Not knowing when or if we will all get vaccinated may present a problem for some classmates and therefore have a very small attendance. Plan B might be to have something later in the fall or perhaps try again in 2022. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Janet Douglass-Nuzum

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